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Mara Rodenbeck is the only law school consultant to guarantee admission, or your money back.*

Law schools only have one opportunity to get to know you. With an increasing number of applications submitted each year, it is important that your application speaks directly to what admissions officers are looking for. It is by no means only a numbers game and a compelling application goes a long way. With my expertise and your unique story, your application will stand out from the pack and get you into your top law school. 

I am so confident that together we will get you admitted into your top law schools that I guarantee admission into one of your top ten schools, or you get your money back. I am the only law school consultant who promises actual results with a money-back guarantee

Why Work with Mara

Stress-Free Process

Take the the stress out of applying to law school with an individualized step-by-step plan. I will answer all your questions and tell you exactly what admissions officers want.

Personal Attention

Work directly with me. Not an assistant, or virtual receptionist. I only take a limited number of applicants each year so that I am always available to you.

Compelling Personal Statement 

Impress decision makers with a compelling personal statement. I will help you find your essay hook and guide you through every draft, with unlimited edits and feedback until it is absolutely perfect.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Feel confident knowing you did everything right. After you submit your application, I will continue to guide you through interview prep, wait list strategies, financial aid negotiations, and even 1L class selection. I will be with you every step of the way.

About Mara

When I applied to law school, I didn’t have a perfect 180 LSAT score or 4.0 GPA, nor did I come from an Ivy League undergrad. Yet I still ended up getting into nearly every top ten law school (sorry I'm not sorry Yale!), and even received some substantial scholarship offers. If you had told me when I first started applying to law schools that I would be choosing between the very best schools, I would not have believed you. I had my assumed my scores were not high enough, I didn’t know the right people, I wasn’t special enough to get noticed by admissions officers, etc. Sound familiar? 

​A friend put me in touch with her aunt, who was a former law school admissions officer. She taught me a ton, and showed me how to craft an application that spoke to exactly what admissions officers want to see. She gave me the tools to craft not just a powerful personal statement but a persuasive application. I truly believe that without her help I wouldn't have had the same success.


I started using what I learned to help friends with their law school applications. I saw them underestimate themselves in the same way I had. But with my help, they too got acceptances into many of their top law schools. Their success reaffirmed that I had a knack for knowing what admissions officers wanted to see. I also conducted admissions interviews at Penn and gained further insight into the process. After much encouragement from friends who I had helped, I decided to share my knowledge and start my own admissions consultant business. I feel privileged that my clients trust me with their stories. Getting to know my clients and watching them achieve their dreams is the most rewarding part of my job. I absolutely love what I do! 


Invest in yourself. Invest in your future


Guidance at Every Step

The law school application process is not just about your essays. There is a strategy for every decision, and there are lots of decisions to be made. I will help you make the right choice for you at every step, from LSAT to 1L.

Just the Basics

Perfect Your Essays

Law school is not only a numbers game. A persuasive personal statement and compelling resume will go a long way towards getting you into your top schools. I will help you with unlimited edits from start to finish on your personal statement and resume.

Quick Look

Immediate Feedback

Perfect your essays with one last pair of eyes. I will give you substantive and proofreading feedback within 48 hours on a final draft of any essay. You'll be ready to submit your application ASAP!


All Your Questions Answered

This option is for those with a discreet question, or a small task you need help with. Anything you may not be sure of, or want advice on, I can help. 

When I was struggling to come up with a formula for writing my personal statement, I turned to Mara for help. I knew what I wanted to say but had no idea where to begin with such an important document. Mara worked with me to really emphasize my 'why' throughout my personal statement and later on in my diversity essays. It was so easy to work with her - she knew which questions to ask and immediately made me feel at ease. Much of my anxiety about writing my essays and applying to schools melted away as soon as I developed a plan with Mara, and she continued to work with me every step of the way. If you're like me and have big, lofty goals but aren't sure where to begin, reach out to Mara. She'll get you where you're looking to go!

-Elizabeth K.