How to Stand Out & Get Into to the Law School of Your Dreams

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Hi! I’m Mara

Founder of Top Law School Consulting.

When I was applying to law school, I had big dreams: an Ivy League law school. But the odds were not in my favor with an average GPA and a subpar LSAT score. Everyone, including my college career counselor, told me to set my sights lower.

But I KNEW I could excel at the top law schools. So I figured out a way and ultimately got accepted into nearly every top law school I applied to, was offered significant scholarships, and had law school deans fighting over me.

I ultimately chose the University of Pennsylvania Law School after being chosen for the competitive Toll Public Interest Scholarship. And I went on to have a successful career clerking for a Chief federal judge and litigating high-impact cases at one of the top law firms in the world. I’m so glad I listened to my big dreams.

Fast forward to today, and I help law school applicants make their big dreams a reality…no matter the obstacle standing in the way.

How to Stand Out & Get Admitted to the Law School of Your Dreams


How to kickstart your personal statement and get into your dream law school

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