“The Dean of the Law School told me that my personal statement was one of the strongest he’s read in a really really long time, and asked what he could do to make sure I was at the school next year.”


Success Story: Quick Wins

Success Story: Quick Wins

  • No pre-law background
  • Lower GPA

Lindsey was most worried about how her lower GPA (3.4), transcript and resume focused only on science would look to law schools. She had no idea how to explain why she suddenly decided to go to law school or why, despite her lower GPA, she was law schools’ ideal applicant.


With our help, Lindsey learned that she was more than just her pre-med background, and that behind all the science courses, there was a strong and powerful narrative for why she was going to law school. With our strategic advice, she used her application materials to show law schools that she had what it takes to be a star law student and attorney, despite her lower GPA.


Given Lindsey wanted to go to a law school with a strong health law program, for Lindsey, her biggest acceptance wins were:

  • Arizona State University, despite both her LSAT score and GPA being below
    the school’s median.
  • Georgia State College of Law, which has the top health law program in
    the entire country.
  • Belmont University College of Law, which offers a health law certificate, and offered Lindsey an almost full-ride scholarship.
  • Santa Clara University School of Law, with a fifty percent tuition scholarship.
  • University of San Diego School of Law, which has a competitive health law program and offered Lindsey a 60 percent tuition scholarship.

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