Law School Personal Statement: The Definitive Guide in 2024

Choosing what to write about for your law personal statement is often one of the most difficult—and most important—decisions you have to make in your law school application. Knowing what should be included in a personal statement for law school can feel like a trick question.  For many applicants, it feels like there are a […]

Law School Addendum: When & How to Write One (2024)

The law school addendum. What is it, who should write one, when is it a good idea, could it hurt me, what should you even say? Should I do an LSAT addendum? Is a GPA addendum a good idea?  Law school addenda (ps: addenda is plural for addendum! I just got you some brownie points […]

Can You Get Into Law School With a Low LSAT Score? 6 Steps

Can I get into law school with a low LSAT score? Can I get into law school with a LSAT below 150? Can I get into a top tier law school with a law school below the 25th percentile? These are common questions I get every year from clients who have dreams of going to law […]

How to Prepare for 1L: You Can Succeed And Enjoy Your First Year of Law School

The first year of law school is often talked about in hushed tones, tones of fear, dread, anxiety. You’ve probably heard horror stories, about the workload, about the dreaded cold calls, about the cut-throat competitiveness of the other students. Some of it is true. But a lot of the truth of this depends on how you make […]

How to be Top of Your Class in Law School – While Still Having a Life

You’re here because you want to know how to be top of your class in law school. You know how important good grades are to your career success, especially your first year grades. You didn’t work this hard to get into law school to then struggle your way through. But you’ve also heard of the […]

Successful Law School Personal Statement Example (’24 Guide)

What is a great example of a personal statement for law school?  A personal statement can massively improve your chances of getting accepted to a top law school. And today, you get a real example from an applicant with a low GPA who got admitted to a T-10 law school.  Read on! Example personal statement: […]

The Best Law Schools in the US: Rankings in 2023-2024

What are the best law schools in the US?  Here, you’ll get a list with the highest ranking US law schools in 2023. Want to learn more? Read on! The Best US Law Schools The US News and World Report publishes the #1 yearly law school rankings in the US. These rankings use 10 factors to score […]

Should I Write a Diversity Statement for Law School? Real Applicant Examples

A hugely common question I get is: should I write a diversity statement for law school? Many assume they’re not diverse enough to write one, or they don’t really understand what law schools even mean by “diverse,” or they’re not sure how to differentiate between what they wrote in their personal statement from what they might write in […]

How Many Times Can You Take the LSAT? Does Retaking Hurt You?

March scores just came out and like flowers in Spring, I always know I’ll get an influx of questions about retaking the LSAT: how many times can you take the LSAT, is it worth taking the LSAT twice, does retaking the LSAT hurt you, or what happens if you retake the LSAT and get a […]

How to Stand Out & Get Admitted to the Law School of Your Dreams


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